What is Work As Escort Exactly?

Job subscription as a escort girl

The job of an escort girl is as the name already states, a callgirl on demand on outcall basis. A call girl in broadest sense is a female in between 21 and 35 years of age who can be available for usually men, couples but also females. Most of the time the job of a escort offers intimacy but also companionship or someone who listens to the client. It's a very wide profession and in most countries in europe it's widely accepted. A escort girl can work for an agency, who's job is to manage appointments for the girl, sends a driver to deliver the girl but also provide security. An independent escort on the other hand does these things all by herself. There's positive but also downside aspects to both jobs.

In short period of time, an escort girl can make lots of money. We're talking € 500 to € 1500 a night or even in the thousands in a weekend. This pretty much depends on alot of factors, such as the looks of the girl, the services she offers but also the reviews on the girl. It also depends on how she chooses to be marketed, such as an escort service, or as a independent. New girls to this business usually start with working at a escort service, mostly to gain experience but also let the management done by others who have more experience in this profession. Unfortunately, some clients could be dangerous, as agencies know which clients are good and which could pose a problem.

Primarily safe sex is always promoted, at least with a legal escort agency in the list of countries. We're talking health and rights of both females and clients here and with any legal agency, the law forbids sexual services being advertised as unsafe. However there are females who always offer extra's, such as services without. It depends and is really a personal decision as a legal agency cannot tell a girl that she has to do certain activities she does'nt like. No worry's. With legal agencies girls are often in good hands as a legal escortservice is usually screened and tested regular. With our website we offer you the most basic information for work as escort.

Offering Clients a Good Time

An escort girl can be hired from an agency or as a independent. The most common reason obviously is for a good time spend together. Clients come from all over the world, could be considered locals or tourists and often stay in hotels, airbnb accomodations or even at their own place. When working as a escort you will meet these people in their own place and there is no such thing as incall service. Incall is a meaning of a client visiting the girl in her own residence. None of this is true with a job as a escort girl. The way it works is fairly simple, if you work for a respected escort agency. At first you check in that you are available during the day or night so the operator knows this.

When a client calls, and asks for a female, a recommendation usually will be done. A client can choose on websites where you can be listed as a escort girl, or based on the wishes of the client the phone operator can also advice with for example, you. The moment the client agrees with the phone operator the booking is set. You will either get a call or message, that the driver will pick you up within a reasonable amount of time. Once your picked up, you will be driven to the adress of the client and the driver will always stay nearby during the time. The driver makes sure you are supplied with attributes such as condom(s), cleansing gel or massage oil.

The moment you arrive it's up to you to walk towards the door, either gently knock on the door or ring the bell, upon the client can open the door for you and let you in. The moment of entrance is a crucial moment. This is because this only offers time for a quick introduction before any of the services can start. The client has to pay the amount due, and it's your job to take the money due and inform the driver that the client has paid. If there is a issue, a misunderstanding, or even problems, the driver is there for you to assist you. In 99.9% of the times things dont really go bad. An agency can have a reasonable estimation of their clients and knows whats best.

Agencies Do Not Take 50% Comission

Escort Agencies in various countries all over the world for jobs as escort

In a date both usually have a drink, before the show starts. Most clients are sometimes shy and need a little hand at times. Other clients know what they want and usually tell you that. It's important that respect is always at both side of the party's, otherwise it'll be a very sad experience which none of us really wants. Remember the client usually seeks for a good time spend together, so make it a good stay. It is a misunderstanding that agencies just take 50% of the price the client pays. Girls who shout this obviously have zero idea on how much costs a real & good agencies has. If your talking about a legal agency, per booking of lets say € 150/hour, only € 12,50 to € 22 is for the agency.

This does'nt sound like alot and it really is'nt, if you take any of the legal fee's such as tax, driver costs, phone costs, website and / or marketing costs. It's alot of work for a bit of money, running a good agency. But there are obviously well organised agencies out there that make lots of money. This means that many of the girls working there legally get lots of bookings and in return make alot more money. Depending on how well an agency does, is hard to say. Most important is obviously if it's an established brand, thats good to be found on search or advertises alot. Starter(s) agencies usually have to prove themself first to actually get sustained bookings and calls.

It is important to know that if your making the choice to work as escort, and plan to head to any of the countries advertised on this website, you have to be fully legal and a citizen of that country before you could even be hired as a girl legally. agencies are known to work under certain conditions and one of them is obviously doing things the legal way. With this website, we also prevent you from doing business with illegal agencies as they are a plague, do not pay tax, do not cover their working girls or are there for you when problems occur. The only interest they have is money and you can tell by quite a few points we will explain later onto our website. This could help you alot.

Notes On Escort License Europe

Some countries offer the ability to start a sex business while using a license. Other countries kind of tolerate a sex business while there's not a license system at all for this. What a license comes down to, is that not just the owners but also the drivers and girls who work there, are 100% legal, require all the points they need to hold on to and assure a safe & good way of working as a escort in general. If you are interested in starting a business, in for example Holland or Belgium or even Germany, please contact us on the page of Escort Service License. They are specialised in obtaining all the required paperwork for you to legally start a sex business such as escort agency or brothel.

Please be aware that working for a illegal agency, or even thinking about running an illegal agency is punishable by law, and could lead to serious fines or even imprisonment. We dont want anything with that, as it is advices for girls and potential new owners, to do things the legal way. It is good to know that working in certain countries is legal, and that you actually can accomplish working at a professional escort agency and make good money. Unfortunately there are'nt lots of websites actually putting all the effort in a ready website for you to quickly read. We offer ways of signups or show you recommendations to known and established escort agencies in various countries & populair cities.

Last but not least, working as a escort can obviously be a good time. We advice (new) girls to on average work no longer then 1.5 to 2.5 years. The reason for this is obviously your mental health. Even many websites that recruit girls in escort, brothels or pornstar castings, they would never mention any of this, because they are reliant on girls who dont know better really. Be wise and think a bit in time ahead. You might want to work as escort now, but perhaps in a few years you want to do something else and not be haunted by your carreer? Escort girl is the most safest & discreet way of working in the sex business. Wether you are from Europe, United States, North-America, South-America, Africa, Asia or Middle east.

Be Aware of Human trafficking

Work for legitimate agencies as escort girl

As a girl looking for work in foreign countries, there's not alot of valuable information on this case. You might end up in the wrong hands or potentially become a victem of human trafficking. We know that there are signs of human trafficking happening. You as a girl need to be aware of this and know that if you would like to work legally as a escort or prostitute, you need to come on your own behalf. This means lots of studying ahead and know what your rights are. We try to list with a selection of countries the local law & rules, so please make sure to read this properly and know what it is all about. People who arrange such things for you as housing, clients and everything be very carefull.

There is a serious problem that you might end up paying way more or confronted with situations you are not up against. We would like to remind you that working for a legit agency won't impose these situations in the first place and would advice you the very same, to come on your own, arrange housing and required paperwork before you can legally file in your application. They will tell you what it is about, what to expect and more important your rights as a sexworker in any of those countries. Our website is intended to offer good information and local laws, so that you won't a potential next victem with a hard financial lesson learned. Thank you for your time.

We also recommend to you, or at least to give you the advice that, working as a escort or working in this business is'nt a life long lasting job either. Most girls who choose to work as a normal, high class or sex worker in particular do it for a brief time. Our advise will always be around 1 to 2 years if you plan to have a different future for yourself. The longer you are in the more difficult it will be for you to quit. So please consider making a plan, execute accordingly and leave when your time is there. Girls can have a fantastic life or lifestyle with lots of money in a reasonable amount of short time, but it's not granted forever. Most girls who quit often switch to running their own agency or club if they insist being involved in a more safer way.

The Top 12 agencies Deliver Work

As a girl selecting a good agency that is known and usually operates from a larger city in any country yields often more work compared to a smaller agency in a smaller city. People can usually say alot about their own business just to haul you in, but if at the end of the day your not getting clients it's really a waste of time. There are quite alot of good quality agencies in The Netherlands or Belgium for that matter, obviously we list other countries as well on our website, that provide a good steady flow of work for willing and legal girls. Make sure that you join a legal agency in the first place by doing some homework by simple checking it's age, reviews & more important any license.

The below selection of agencies and website adresses are legitimate & real escort service's in Holland & Belgium. These can provide good willing girls high quality of work and more important in a safe matter. For more info please click on the below link for more info. Most of the optimized & carefully crafted websites do offer a online application panel in where you can place your work as escort request. Please be aware that you have to be resident of either Netherlands or Belgium in order to work legally. Other then that none of these agencies can officially hire you (and they are not risking their license either). It is however a good starting point if your curious about work as escort.

Feel free to lurk around on our website, as we provide several valuable information for girls or males looking for escort in Europe & other countries. All in a legal sense & matter where the goal is to have a great time, lifestyle or make lots of money in a short amount of time. Girls who are considered high class obviously can make & earn more on longer term. Perhaps working as a independent escort and in the need for either marketing or a good website, seek Seoforescort.com for such professionals with experience. Get yourself up and running in just a few days in the country or residence of choice. Have fun!

Working in Clubs During Lockdown

Working in clubs during lockdowns or pandemics

Depending on the country you decide to legally work in, you have to understand that during the lockdown(s) working in clubs could be prohibited. How long this last we really dont know as per country the rules and / or enforcement could change significant. You have to inform or check online about the covid status and it's recurring rules. Since sexwork is a contact profession the chances are big that during the time it's not possible to work. If you tend to travel you have to show being vaccinated or covid-free by a very recent test within 24 hours. Keep the rules at all time in respect and make sure to do your job safe & responsible.

We have updated our list of agencies and brothels to find work in. If your looking for work as escort or prefer working in a adult club, there's plenty of choice now to select. Please be reminded that none of these legal establishments will arrage anything for you in relation of transport and / or living in such countries. It would be against the law and we strongly advise you not to have your trip by another organised, as human trafficking is very populair at this moment. We recommend only apply for work at legitimate agencies and / or clubs in the respected countries. They will work in a honest way with you and dont make you give up to 50 to 75% of your daily revenue.

With our website we also send a clear warning for girls to be carefull with the people who you are dealing with. Our goal is to market the right companies all over the world that deserve good personel. You can always shoot for questions or apply for work of choice to the respected business of choice. The earnings you make can vary from € 50 up to € 200 an hour based on quality and type of agency you are applying for. It's mandatory to speak and write fluent english, but learning the countries native language is a huge add-on as well. It will help you getting along the way in your course for finding work in the sex business all over the world. Have fun & enjoy!

Affinity for Adult Work? Try Escort!

The profession escort girl is undoubtedly the most discreet and loyal way to make quick money. Why not join Legal agencies that hire and work with only the best girls out there? There's quite some professions girls can choose from, most important ones are usually a stripper, working in a adult club, perhaps a brothel or doing incall meetings. None of these ever tip to the profession that working as a escort brings and it's possible to find the right matching escort agency of choice listed on our website. You can also leave your online application by using Signup which brings you in touch with a professional that guides you through the proces.

Please keep in mind that our intention is to only hire and work with legal girls of age at 21 and above. A will to choose for this profession and most important to feel comfertable with what you do. We would never send you fake or false applications where "someone" will come by and requires "service". If anyone is proposing this it is the wrong signal and it's best to turn around from such events. In most of the times all the listed escort agencies on our website are under the supervising of a female professional. It is a safe & trustworthy enviroment for you where you can deploy or develop yourself the way you want. Please stay safe and do the right thing.

We have the best (international) escort agencies listed on our website. Please see countries for a full set of rules that are currently in effect. In the listed countries working as a escort is legal by either independent or contracted status. agencies for example in Holland can hire you and pay you for your time spending with clients. Most important things is obviously finding the right team to join and where you feel at home. You dont need a manager or you dont need to be signed up by someone related. We would like to see you signup and be comfertable with what you do. This is what matters to us. Enjoy your time working as a escort - and do something good with the salary.

If You Cant Find an Escort Agency

Find an agency to work as escort for

No rush. Meaning you cant find an agency that is willing to work with you or wants to have you is'nt the end of the world. As a escort you are still capable of working on a independent basis, where you decide with who, what & which price you charge. It all comes down to good marketing of you as a independent. So make sure you have a good website for the task. Professional photo's. A good written text but more important you adress the clients you want to meet. In order to get all this we highly recommend you to surf to Vanderlindemedia.com and request a quote. The investment is often double the worth and will pay itself easily back in months already.

However, when you work independent things such as Tax or accountanting is all on you. Also advertising yourself is on you. It might sound difficult (and it often is!) but there are always ways to find the right balance. This so you just focus on being a independent escort and you manage your meetings with clients on your own behalf. When you work as a escort you provide services at the clients adress or sometimes hotel(s). Having a car or at least some form of travelling will set you straight. Our advise is to charge ahead on clients who are further away then 50 kilometers and always have the payment arranged before the actual date or services start.

Do not engage with payments after a date or something simular. Also it's advised not to performn sexual services without a rubber. Always keep an eye on your personal belongings when you work as a escort, or in the case working with an escort agency leave it with the driver. Additionally returning customers is what brings in the long term money. Do provide good service and people will call back for you. Check out our website for more tips, tricks or information based to work as a escort. We recommend Webcam Modelling as well if you are interested in a additional revenue for the time spend behind the computer. Enjoy your time paid generously!

We Provide World Wide Legal Jobs as Escort

Applying for a job as escort is a good way to make guaranteed money on a daily or weekly basis. For girls legal of age (depending on country basis) prostitution can be done from 18 to 21 years and above. Other then good looks being able to communicate with your clients is so important. If you know how to provide a companionship, a good quality time with clients then the chances of you becoming a well, populair & hot escort girl is large. Take a look on our website, select a country of choice to determine which is suitable for you in regards of laws & regulation about working as escort & apply today for more information. Work as escort is 100% legal.

We are the number one growing platform on the internet to find work as escort for females and males at the legal age. We list the highest paying (worldwide) based escort agency's. We also provide you inside knowledge of facts within the escort business in general and how to maximize your revenue as a working girl. Take your time to read the dozen bits of information and get in touch with matching & respected escort agency's in this business. We will update on a weekly basis the best recommendations based per country. If you have any questions please feel free to ask to a respected agency of choice. Happy 2024 and do not forget to come back once in a while for updates.

Find The Best Legal agencies

We list the best agencies sorted per country, but also provide you valuable information in relation to working as a escort. If this can help you in obtaining a better carreer then our mission is already accomplished. Find the best establish escort agency's all over the map.

Guaranteed Highest Payment

As a escort you have the freedom to work independent or for known good running agencies. In both ways you can have flexibility or more money for your own. We advise you with our open and inside information published about escorts on our extensive website.

Work Safe & Discreet

Working for Legal agencies gives benefit that your working conditions will be safe & most important, discreet. You have the choice to quickly make money with known escort service's in various countries when you want. All on a legal basis and with no help from others.

Girls From 21 And Above Wanted

The minimum age to apply is 21 years. We personally agree with a minimum age of 21 due to several reasons, one of the most important is the safety and self-awareness of the girl(s). If you are above 21 years of age and looking for work, you came to the right place.