What is Work As Escort Exactly?

Job subscription as a escort girl

The job of an escort girl is as the name already states, a callgirl on demand on outcall basis. A call girl in broadest sense is a female in between 21 and 35 years of age who can be available for usually men, couples but also females. Most of the time the job of a escort offers intimacy but also companionship or someone who listens to the client. It's a very wide profession and in most country's in europe it's widely accepted. A escort girl can work for an agency, who's job is to manage appointments for the girl, sends a driver to deliver the girl but also provide security. An independent escort on the other hand does these things all by herself. There's positive but also downside aspects to both jobs.

In short period of time, an escort girl can make lots of money. We're talking € 500 to € 1500 a night or even in the thousands in a weekend. This pretty much depends on alot of factors, such as the looks of the girl, the services she offers but also the reviews on the girl. It also depends on how she chooses to be marketed, such as an escort service, or as a independent. New girls to this business usually start with working at a escort service, mostly to gain experience but also let the management done by others who have more experience in this profession. Unfortunately, some clients could be dangerous, as agency's know which clients are good and which could pose a problem.

Primarily safe sex is always promoted, at least with a legal escort agency in the list of country's. We're talking health and rights of both females and clients here and with any legal agency, the law forbids sexual services being advertised as unsafe. However there are females who always offer extra's, such as services without. It depends and is really a personal decision as a legal agency cannot tell a girl that she has to do certain activities she does'nt like. No worry's. With legal agency's girls are often in good hands as a legal escortservice is usually screened and tested regular. With our website we offer you the most basic information for work as escort.

Offering Clients a Good Time

An escort girl can be hired from an agency or as a independent. The most common reason obviously is for a good time spend together. Clients come from all over the world, could be considered locals or tourists and often stay in hotels, airbnb accomodations or even at their own place. When working as a escort you will meet these people in their own place and there is no such thing as incall service. Incall is a meaning of a client visiting the girl in her own residence. None of this is true with a job as a escort girl. The way it works is fairly simple, if you work for a respected escort agency. At first you check in that you are available during the day or night so the operator knows this.

When a client calls, and asks for a female, a recommendation usually will be done. A client can choose on websites where you can be listed as a escort girl, or based on the wishes of the client the phone operator can also advice with for example, you. The moment the client agrees with the phone operator the booking is set. You will either get a call or message, that the driver will pick you up within a reasonable amount of time. Once your picked up, you will be driven to the adress of the client and the driver will always stay nearby during the time. The driver makes sure you are supplied with attributes such as condom(s), cleansing gel or massage oil.

The moment you arrive it's up to you to walk towards the door, either gently knock on the door or ring the bell, upon the client can open the door for you and let you in. The moment of entrance is a crucial moment. This is because this only offers time for a quick introduction before any of the services can start. The client has to pay the amount due, and it's your job to take the money due and inform the driver that the client has paid. If there is a issue, a misunderstanding, or even problems, the driver is there for you to assist you. In 99.9% of the times things dont really go bad. An agency can have a reasonable estimation of their clients and knows whats best.

Agency's Do Not Take 50% Comission

In a date both usually have a drink, before the show starts. Most clients are sometimes shy and need a little hand at times. Other clients know what they want and usually tell you that. It's important that respect is always at both side of the party's, otherwise it'll be a very sad experience which none of us really wants. Remember the client usually seeks for a good time spend together, so make it a good stay. It is a misunderstanding that agency's just take 50% of the price the client pays. Girls who shout this obviously have zero idea on how much costs a real & good agency's has. If your talking about a legal agency, per booking of lets say € 150/hour, only € 12,50 to € 22 is for the agency.

This does'nt sound like alot and it really is'nt, if you take any of the legal fee's such as tax, driver costs, phone costs, website and / or marketing costs. It's alot of work for a bit of money, running a good agency. But there are obviously well organised agency's out there that make lots of money. This means that many of the girls working there legally get lots of bookings and in return make alot more money. Depending on how well an agency does, is hard to say. Most important is obviously if it's an established brand, thats good to be found on search or advertises alot. Starter(s) agency's usually have to prove themself first to actually get sustained bookings and calls.

It is important to know that if your making the choice to work as escort, and plan to head to any of the country's advertised on this website, you have to be fully legal and a citizen of that country before you could even be hired as a girl legally. Agency's are known to work under certain conditions and one of them is obviously doing things the legal way. With this website, we also prevent you from doing business with illegal agency's as they are a plague, do not pay tax, do not cover their working girls or are there for you when problems occur. The only interest they have is money and you can tell by quite a few points we will explain later onto our website. This could help you alot.

Notes On Escort License Europe

Some country's offer the ability to start a sex business while using a license. Other country's kind of tolerate a sex business while there's not a license system at all for this. What a license comes down to, is that not just the owners but also the drivers and girls who work there, are 100% legal, require all the points they need to hold on to and assure a safe & good way of working as a escort in general. If you are interested in starting a business, in for example Holland or Belgium or even Germany, please contact the folks behind Vergunningescort.nl. They are specialised in obtaining all the required paperwork for you to legally start a sex business such as escort agency or brothel.

Please be aware that working for a illegal agency, or even thinking about running an illegal agency is punishable by law, and could lead to serious fines or even imprisonment. We dont want anything with that, as it is advices for girls and potential new owners, to do things the legal way. It is good to know that working in certain country's is legal, and that you actually can accomplish working at a professional escort agency and make good money. Unfortunately there are'nt lots of websites actually putting all the effort in a ready website for you to quickly read. We offer ways of signups or show you recommendations to known and established escort agency's in various country's & populair city's.

Last but not least, working as a escort can obviously be a good time. We advice (new) girls to on average work no longer then 1.5 to 2.5 years. The reason for this is obviously your mental health. Even many websites that recruit girls in escort, brothels or pornstar castings, they would never mention any of this, because they are reliant on girls who dont know better really. Be wise and think a bit in time ahead. You might want to work as escort now, but perhaps in a few years you want to do something else and not be haunted by your carreer? Escort girl is the most safest & discreet way of working in the sex business. Wether you are from Europe, United States, North-America, South-America, Africa, Asia or Middle east.

Find The Best Legal Agency's

We list the best agency's sorted per country, but also provide you valuable information in relation to working as a escort. If this can help you in obtaining a better carreer then our mission is already accomplished.

Guaranteed Highest Payment

As a escort you have the freedom to work independent or for known good running agency's. In both ways you can have flexibility or more money for your own. We advise you with our open and relative content on our website.

Work Safe & Discreet

Working for Legal agency's gives benefit that your working conditions will be safe & most important, discreet. You have the choice to quickly make money with known escort service's in various country's when you want.

Girls From 21 And Above Wanted

The minimum age to apply is 21 years. We personally agree with a minimum age of 21 anyways due to several reasons, one of the most important is the safety and self-awareness of the girl(s).