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Find Work as Escort in The Netherlands

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is very liberal towards prostitution in general. It is perfectly allowed for people above 21 and offers various way to work in this business. Primarily windows, escort or working in a club, but independent is populair as well. Read more about The Netherlands & prostitution.

Find Work as Escort in Belgium

Belgium (Vlaanderen)

Belgium is known for it's chocolate, waffles and cultural sights. They do offer a legal way of prostitution among brothels, clubs, windows and even escort. However the law is a bit different compared to The Netherlands, and some professions are not even allowed.

Find Work as Escort in Dubai


Ah yes, Dubai. The promised land in terms of prostitution, but forbidden and not recommend to work as a escort in general. We will explain you why, if you click on our Dubai photo for more info. Some actually say they made it through and make lots of dollars on monthly basis. But it's hard.

Find Work as Escort in United Kingdom

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is very strict in relation of laws to prostitution, however many girls choose to work as a incall massage professional or do this on outcal basis. Sex can be offered but not be advertised public. Girls must be at least 21 years of age and have a legal residence.

Find Work as Escort in Germany


Germany is simular to Holland in relation of laws, but offers payment of pension as a addition. Sex work is really accepted and it offers various ways to get going as a escort girl, worker in a brothel or in one of the many "FKK" clubs germany knows. However there are minor points about this...

Find Work as Escort in Portugal


In Portugal girls can only work as a independent and without the intermediation of an agency or man in the middle. There are plenty of websites where independents can advertise themself as well as the public newspapers which is used for advertising escort or incall girls.

Find Work as Escort in Spain


Spain is a populair country with a estimated revenue of over € 3.7 billion - however a hot topic in relation of trafficking and / or the wrong intentions or conditions. Read before you attempt to join the country spain in Europe for work as escort or prostitute in general.

Find Work as Escort in Switserland


Switserland is a beautiful country which has legal ways of prostitution. In here you'll find the best selection of clubs and escort service's in Switserland who provide jobs for girls at 21 years of age and older. Check it out and find a good company to work for sexclubs or escort agency's.

Find Work as Escort in France


France most known for it's baguette's, wine & olives offers prostitution as well, but any form of prostitution in terms for a brothel is illegal. Also clients who are "caught" can be fined for paying for sexual activities. A difficult subject, it seems. We provide some basic info for France.