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Top Companions is a elite, high class & professional agency based in Belgium providing only the best girls the most exclusive dates & bookings. It's a high class escort agency providing jobs and bookings for higher end girls and clients. Check out it's website on Topcompanions.com.

Work as webcam model

Work as Webcam Model

A perfect opportunity for females at the age of 18 and above to work from home as a webcam model. It's the safest & best paying job from home and as long as your within Europe your free to signup. Check the conditions and join today if your looking for quick webcam modelling work.


Webcam Jobs

Interested in a more safer and in your own way a job in Belgium? Try becoming a Webcam Model and chat with clients. The highest payment(s) and your own free will to decide whenever you want to work and how much. Suited for people from 18 and above (also internationally).


Callgirls Escort

A licenced & professional escort agency in Holland providing independent escort girls in Belgium a step-up to work as discreet and professional escort. Ideal for those at the age of 21 and above who are looking for bookings in Belgium, Netherlands and more on a discreet basis.



You feel like working in a club, brothel is a better thing? Perhaps seek your information and perhaps job application on the website of Werkeninsexclub.be - it's a legitimate website in Belgium for work in populair, good running clubs. You have your own freedom, high salary & more.


Escort Service Belgie

Escortservicebelgie.com is a new & reliable agency that provides mid to higher class girls to several clients. Visit the website on Escort Service Belgium for more info, pictures and services. Girls can legally signup as a independent escort girl and work for this escort service.



A new & high class escort agency in Belgium that offers high quality companionship of choice for males & couples. Book beautiful girls now in Belgium or apply for jobs. You can follow the website on Escortsbelgie.com for more info, pricing, services & working area.



Escort Service Vlaanderen covers a wide province in Belgium with a selective & good amount of females. Clients can book up to late hours with Escort Service Vlaanderen discreet and with no driver parking in front of their door. This agency works with regular escort models.


Webcamsex in Lockdown

Girls who consider webcam modelling work could check out the webcams listed on https://www.vanderlindemedia.nl/webcam-sex/ to get a glimp of how it works behinds the scenes. A proper listing of webcam girls active in the last 15 minutes now live available.


Escort in Brussel

A new and growing escort agency that provides beautiful girls in Brussels. Normal to mid class selection of escort girls and professional service. Check it on Escort in Brussel for more info. This is a excellent A grade service that provides clients discreet booking of girls.


Work As High Class Escort

If working for an agency is not really an option, perhaps applying as a high class escort girl in Belgium is? On the website of Werkenalshighclassescort.nl you'll find all the information needed such as requirement, payments & get a chance to reach out with the best agency.


Escort Antwerpen

Antwerpen is the number one city in Belgium and holds great selection of escort agencies, girls & much more. A legal and trustworthy agency that can be seen on Escort Antwerpen for those who would look for companionship at this very moment. 100% discreet & legal.



Girls wanted at the age of 18 years and above for legal & responsible webcam modelling work. With Werkenalswebcammodel.be you can find all sorts of information related to this job, salary & what to expect. Visit this website now for more info.

Legal Work in Belgium as a Sexworker

Work as normal or high class escort in Belgium

With our top selection of escort agency's and brothels in Belgium (or Vlaanderen) we highly recommend joining one of these establishments on a legal basis. Populair, new or good girls can make good money in the Belgium Sex Market on a legal basis. However you would be officially as a independent and your for example obligated to file for tax for the work you provide. Tax is obviously a part of the game and it suits you if you want to legally build an income, save money or have other plans such as buying a house in Belgium, paying debts or anything else. With legal sexwork you have the oppertunity to start something from the ground in a good matter or way.

Belgium is open-minded about sexwork. As a female of fun & pleasure it provides you an active market in where you can plan & book dates with various customers. We offer listings for girls for a normal or even high class escort or brothel work where the options are large. Wether your a small time sexworker with intention to make a hobby a paid job or a large whale who would like to attract as many as possible clients, this is the place to check out for. We update our listings with new establishments or opportunities on a weekly basis, so if there's nothing now for you come back later for a updated list of legitimate & legal sex agency's in Belgium.

We also list the websites that are the number one for years in regards of advertising your services. When your becoming a independent it's a good start to get yourself listed or advertised. Follow our top 6 recommended websites for sexwork in Belgium and you'll be on the spotlight sooner or later for clients to be noticed. If you have any questions feel free to Signup or perhaps consider Webcam Modelling if your looking for a quick buck abroad while working from home. Esp in the colder days or times it's a good thing to have something on the background going on as well. Thank you for taking your time for finding sexwork in Belgium.