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topcompanionsHigh Class

Top Companions

Top Companions is a high class escort agencies providing high class, luxury & discreet services in the Netherlands for those who only seek for the best. For girls to apply minimum age of 21 years and a exclusive agreement.


Escort Apeldoorn

Escort Service Apeldoorn is a legitimate and discreet escort service in Gelderland, The Netherlands and provides up to 24 hours of service for those who seek female companionship. For more info, jobs, salary and such click here.


Webcam Model

There are many girls out there who find the job of working as an escort compelling, but a bit too much. A relationship might interrupt someone's career, or perhaps you are not ready for the escort job or work yet. A good step in between.


Escort Den Haag

A dutch escort service with license & offering up to 24 hours of service in Den Haag, Rotterdam, Leiden and much more. Ideal for those who are willing to work as escort at the minimum age of 21 years and above. Apply now.


Callgirls Escort

Callgirls Escort is a relatively new, licenced & professional based escort agency active in limburg / noord-brabant and provides escort service through various city's in Holland. Even a part of Belgium is possible.


Erotische Massage Amsterdam

The best (outcall) based massages in Amsterdam - professional masseuses could apply for a job with erotic massage if they want to broaden their horizon. This is open 24 hours a day with serving of various clients in Amsterdam.



A professional, licenced & in Amsterdam stationed escort service that deliveres 24 hours the best escort girls to clients in hotels, private appartment(s) and airbnb's. The place to start when your living in Holland and seeking work as escort.



A relient, discreet and up to 24 hours escort service that services in Hoofddorp which is within the province of Noord-Holland. These provide sexy and talented girls for good pricing. Apply now for work as escort girl.



A different agency in Rotterdam The Netherlands that serves clients beautiful escorts in Hotels or private apartments. Discreet and up to 24 hours delivery of genuine escort girls offering erotic massage, intimacy and much more.


Escort Service Amstelveen

Escort Service in Amstelveen that provides guests, locals or businessmen an hour of pleasure on their location of choice. Amstelveen is near Amsterdam and is one of the bigger cities for clients. Apply now for a Escort job.



Nearby Amsterdam clients can book escorts in Haarlem with this new & fantastic escort agency. With Escort Service Haarlem you can enjoy massage, intimacy, sex & much more for best rates & highest privacy. Find out more.



A licenced & legal agency in Rotterdam The Netherlands which provides escort girls a valuable place to work legally. If your living or being near Rotterdam in The Netherlands then this is the place to signup for. Minimum age 21 years.


Escort Service Leiden

Escort Service Leiden is a growing and known agency for in the province of Zuid-Holland in The Netherlands and provides professional Escort Service Leiden for new & existing clients in a discreet & reliable way. Check it out on the website for more info.



Redlights.nl is the fastest growing platform for free or paid advertising in The Netherlands. Can't miss when your having your journal to working in the adult industry. Follow Redlights.nl for more info. Suitable for females, couples, shemales & men.


Escort Service Purmerend

A new and professional escort agency in Purmerend with a license that serves escorts in the area of Purmerend - girls seeking work can legally signup to this agency. For more info see Escort Service Purmerend for more info. Real & genuine services for clients and girls.



Near Amsterdam, with Escort Service Schiphol clients are assured to have a perfect date with beautiful girls of choice. This agency does what it promisses and brings work to the table. Check it out on the website and perhaps this is a interesting agency for you to work with.


Sexclub Vienna Amsterdam

Sexclub Vienna is perhaps the oldest legitimate sexclub in Amsterdam which offers a great A plus location and oppertunity for girls at the age of 21 and above to work in a exclusive and good paying sexclub. Visit Jobs Sexclub Netherlands if you want € 350 a day too.


Escort Service Utrecht

A new & professional escort agency in the area of Utrecht in The Netherlands that provides discreet & excellent service(s) for singles & couples. Visit Escort Service Utrecht for more info. This agency is open 24 hours with a large selection of girls available for reservations.


Companions Escort Amsterdam

A leading & professional escort agency in Amsterdam that provides fantastic looking girls to clients staying or being resident in Amsterdam. Check it out on the website Companions Escort Amsterdam. They deliver fast & discrete in various area's of choice.


Escort Service Hoofddorp

For a reliable and perfect experience with escort girls you can follow the services of Escort Service Hoofddorp that provides clients up to 24 hours of service. Check it out and book girls today. They deliver in known hotels & airbnb accomodations or appartment of choice.


Escortservice Almere

Stationed in Flevoland, Almere to be precise this agency provides services to clients who seek massage, intimacy, companionship and much more. On Escort Service Almere you can book girls for bookings on professional and legal basis. Check it out for more info.


Brendas Escort Amsterdam

A professional and in Amsterdam based escort service for more then 10 years! With Brendas Escort Amsterdam you are assured to have a great time with beautiful girls in Amsterdam. Delivery in house or hotels within just 20 minutes after booking. No driver involved!


Seduce.nl - Adult Advertisements

A new & populair escort & incall directory based in the netherlands for daily new advertisements of female sexworkers, couples, men & more available for dates. If your a independent sexworker and looking for advertisement space, please signup using Seduce.nl for more info.


Ubergirls Amsterdam

A professional, licensed & discreet 24 hours escort service in Amsterdam that provides clients the best looking escort females of choice. Check it on Ubergirlsamsterdam.com for more info, pictures, pricing & available girls. Delivery in various cities possible without a driver parking.


Escort Service's Amsterdam

A complete list & overview of Escort Service's in Amsterdam with various agencies providing 24 hours escortservice. This large list assures quality agencies currently in Amsterdam The Netherlands. Visit these if you are interested in getting to know agencies in Amsterdam much better. Good luck!



A legal and established escort service that provides up to 24 hours a selection of best looking escorts. If you are looking for a trustworthy and genuine escortservice then Escort Service Company is your selection for today. Discreet delivered and affordable (real) escort girls.



A large and growing website for independent escorts currently in Holland - when you want to work as a independent then this is one of the websites to signup to. Check it out on Prive-girls.nl for more info. This is a website where genuine & real girls only are advertised.


Fair Angel Escort

Fair Angel Escort is a new & licenced escort service for the region of Noord-Brabant in The Netherlands. You can work at this venture that provides escort in Gelderland, Noord-Brabant and Limburg. Visit Fair-angelescort.nl for more info and place your application online. High payment(s) & privacy for escort girls standard.


Escort Haarlem

Up to 24 hours of escort in haarlem with this professional & licenced agency. Check it out on Escortservicehaarlem.nl if your interested to meet escorts of choice. Applications can be done discreet and very high payments. Girls wanted in the province of Noord-Holland, Netherlands.


Escort Service International

A Escort service in the East of the netherlands with more then 20 years of experience. Girls can apply discreet and work as a escort in various city's with high payments and a steady flow of good client. For more info visit Internationalescort.nl to get a idea & leave a online application. Minimum age 21 years.



A top recommended escort agency in Beverwijk, Netherlands that provides up to 24 hours to clients staying in known hotels or private appartments the best escort girls of choice. Visit Escortservicebeverwijk.nl for more info. This is a pact team of girls and employee's with great benefits.



With Amsterdamescort69.com clients have a warm welcome with only fantastic looking escorts of choice. Discreet & up to 24 hours delivery in both hotels and private appartments. Check it out on Amsterdamescort69.com for more info. Jobs offered for girls above 21 years legally in Amsterdam.



A internationally focussed escort service that provides tourists and others daily service such as massage, escort & much more. Check out Escortserviceamstelveen.com for more info, bookings, pricing and jobs. Girls can signup discreet using the website and get fast respone.



If you are looking for particular for jobs in a adult or sexclub in Holland then perhaps Jobsinsexclub.nl is the website to go. A informative and straight forward website offering jobs in clubs in The Netherlands of choice. There's a selction of good adult clubs with great benefits, own working times & more.



Amersfoort is one of the cities near Utrecht in the Netherlands and provides girls a chance to work legally for a populair escort agency. With Escortserviceamersfoort.nl people can book up to 24 hours discreet in their appartments or hotels of choice. Visit this website now.



A reliable escort agency in the South of Holland named Escortservicezuidholland.nl. This agency deliveres till late hours beautiful selection of girls with the use of real photos and assures privacy for clients who need it. Fast and reliable, and most important fun with pretty dutch girls for bookings.



Offering male escorts, this exclusive and genuine agency provides single females and couples a selection of beautiful gigolo's of choice. See the page of Gigolo job if your interested in working as a male escort or prostitute with a high class & genuine gigolo agency in Holland.



In the north of the netherlands you can find Escortservicenoordholland.nl that provides a up to 24 hours service & delivery of beautiful girls of choice. If you are looking for work in the Netherlands this is the website to give it a try. Discreet and up to 24 hours of service. Visit now.



A new & fairly established escort agency in Amsterdam that provides service to clients in hotels and appartments. For erotic massage, hotel escort & much more Escort Service Amsterdam is the recommended service. Currently on the lookout for new girls from 21 years resident in Holland.



In the city of alkmaar youll find populair windows as in red light district but not everyone can find themself in visiting these places. Booking of Escortservicealkmaar.nl guarantees the best privacy when meeting girls at your own place of choice. Fast & reliable and up to 24 hours of excellent service.



A discreet & up to 24 hours escort service in Zwolle in The Netherlands that provides a discreet service for clients at their house or hotel. With Escortservicezwolle.com you are assured to have a good steady flow of clients who want to spend time and relax together. Check it out for info!

Escort Service's who hire Girls in The Netherlands

Working as a escort in The Netherlands

Working as a escort or in the prostitution in general in The Netherlands is legal. However before you do you have to understand to move to the netherlands first, before you can legally apply for work. When you move you have to be registered with the goverment, get a place to live in of your own and then you are able to work in the adult business. Agency's cant help you in regards of all this because it would be a very thin line. All has to be done obvious on a voluntary basis which is common and excludes the ones who are trying to gain financial over you as a working girl. There's no need for this way as it is legal and you have all the freedom to work when you want.

Remember when someone arranges everything for you and charges you 50% per booking, it's likely done in a illegal fashion. We do not recommend this as there is a chance you can get visit from officials who check if you are on a legal basis or not. You can get declared unwanted in Holland if the situation is repeating. On top of that ask yourself is it really worth it to cede half of your income to someone who arranged everything for you? We thought so. It's just a few small steps to legally live & find work in Holland. We highlight the best legal agency's for you to apply. We can update the above selection regular, so come back later for more new listings.

Netherlands Escort Agency's are more discreet because of the dates occuring at the clients place such as house or hotel. On top of that with a normal and good respected agency the minimum income can be € 70 an hour and for high class escort up to € 150 an hour. Any extra's are completely for you as a escort girl. However we provide links to other services such as working in a sexclub, as a webcam model or anything else. All on a legal basis and where you can make a good income. For applications please follow the above or goto Signup if you need personal advise. Your privacy is offered & up to 24 hours you can leave a response.