Why A Escort License Matters

A Escort License in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag or other area's in The Netherlands or even Belgium

While there are clear signs of illegal escort service's in countries like Holland or Belgium, the law is pretty clear. Anyone engaging in activity such as a escort service is required by law to have a license. A license in general permits the owner to legally run an agency in countries like Netherlands and assures that the business being performed is correct and fair. Girls have security and clients know that booking with legal escort agency's is a good thing todo. It excludes for example human traffiking due to strict policy and guidelines of for example Escort Applications and such. At Work As Escort we provide all the legal documents to obtain a escort license for you.

This license is the perfect step in for starters or existing enterpreneurs who want to legally start an escort service in populair countries like Holland, Belgium or elsewhere. In this package is a complete 27 page business plan including all covering application form(s) and much more. We will do the paperwork for you and submit to the goverment for license request. On average it will take 4 to 12 weeks to get a response and often a verdict as well. A few key rules to consider is that you have to have no debt in regards of tax, no criminal record in such extend that could pose a risk in the escort business and furthermore be motivated to perform legal & honest business.

A Escort license in for example amsterdam in The Netherlands is valid for 3 years. Every 3 years you are obligated to extend and have a hearsay. If you do your business right and you get up to 3 extensions you are looking against a unlimited license that you can have in for example Holland. For other countries the playing rules & grounds can be different but for us it comes down to the same. You can make good money in the escort business and the trick is to play straight. If you are curious about a escort license for your starting business please Contact us for more info. A startup budget of € 5000 is what you need to consider to get everything going from A to Z.

General Business Operations Escort Service

An escort service is the ultimate job description of management. As a agency you manange bookings in between Girls and Clients and tend to match these based on profile, wishes or desires. As a escort service you are responsible for both girls and clients who make use of your service and just as any other company you have obligations such as accountancy, administration, filing & paying tax but also promotional of your service. At Work as Escort we provide such services to instantly start with. A good solid business plan that in detail describes your responsibility, tasks but also show a good method that is approved by several gemeente's or districts in The Netherlands.

You really cant go wrong on this one. On average to start an agency and to have everything required by law an investment of approx € 5000 is required. This will set you for a few months ahead in regards of an office, a website, attracting girls to work for your agency but also marketing for your services. The idea of starting a escort business is that you keep the first year costs as low as possible, and re-invest every penny back into your escort service, to not just reach for the top, but also to become established. A good escort service relies heavily on returning customers. So if your service is good, so will clients keep coming back for more and build up a good reputation.

Nobody would disagree that the sheer stream of fake agency's, offering girls too good to be true or other misleading practices will not survive long. Goverments are changing laws and enforcing checks on those who seem to perform illegal. If you have experience with running illegal and you want to become legal this is perhaps a good chance to start considering it. Get in touch with us and we will get you going. Your license can be within reach depending from 4 to 12 weeks including everything you need. Discreet & excellent service is what we provide to you as a customer as well. To get in touch follow the link on Contact us for more information.

Start A Legal Escort Service Somewhere?

Even if you where not in The Netherlands or Belgium for that matter and your still looking for ways to start a legal escort business, please get in touch. We provide the right documentation and all the paperwork for you to legally set your business up without paying the (huge) expenses a lawyer can provide. Don't be fooled that lawyers who figure all this out can charge over € 12.000 or even more for often weeks of Research. We can safely say to skip this procedure due to our excellent understanding of the nature of this business and make it work fast for you to start a escort business in most common places in the world. Even if prostitution would not be legal, we would find a legal way for it.

Our business plan is at least 25 pages wide with a very clear explanation of how you run your business, your role but also safeguarding the safety and health of girls. Additionally in the case of a event or emergency there are proper procedures for that purpose as this plan is certified by different goverment institutions that uphold the most toughtest rules in order to legally operate a escort service. If your interested get in touch with us. We can help you setup with all the required paperwork within weeks for your submission and legal explotiation of escort service's. Please keep in mind we only work with the law and not against it. On the long run this is always better.

We already cover most information on our website, in regards of legal age but also the model some countries can maintain. Where in one place it's perfectly legal for girls to provide in Sexwork, other countries maintain a complete different ruleset which requires in depth attention. For more info please surf to Contact us and get in touch. To start an escort agency you have to preserve at least € 5000 as a reasonable budget which covers most costs made. From there on it's hiring of girls and bringing customers. Every penny you make the first year you put right back in as a constant investment. We help you setup a legal & professional escort service. Get in touch with us today for more info.