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Every country that offers jobs in prostitution vary and the laws might be completely different. What is common in The Netherlands might be a complete vague or unheard profession. An example is The Netherlands which is the only country in the world where you can legally exploit and make money from the sex business or promotion or making dates with clients and girls. However in Belgium girls can legally work independent and management or anyone who makes money on top of any booking is punishable by law. In countries like France the sexual exploitation in general is forbidden by law and it is'nt wise at all to even consider exploiting the job here.

Because of the country differences and the way law regulates, it leaves room for illegal prostitution in the broadest sense. Girls who are subject of for example violence have difficulties filing an official charge towards police. Girls perhaps can be intimidated to use old fashion pimps or managers, which leads to situations nobody really wants. In our opinion if the girl is independent and is sure of her choice, allow her to work. Legalise prostitution and assure a safe harbour. Led by people who only got through strict licencing terms and you can be assured to have a thriving business again. Holland was one of the first actually allowing this type of legal business.

Ofcourse there are other working models such as an agency that only charges for a booking. Because of that the price is usually higher then a regular girl. The escort send out is afterall independent and gets the full price excluding the agency's comission. She is free to determine the services she provides and has the right to refuse any services she does'nt want. If you think this sounds like music to your ears, perhaps use our signup on our website. Within 24 hours we will respond discreet. Keep in mind that if your willing to work you have to arrange moving, housing and everything yourself before you could legally apply with an agency or brothel.

Which Countries are Legal for Sexwork?

We will list various countries on our website in regards of sexwork, where it is legal, and what the tradeoff is to this. We do not encourage illegal sexwork as it is risky or could even lead to jail. Our website is based on free or open information and offers various aspects of inside knowledge working in the escort business. Below is a list of countries where we done a bit of our homework. Please respect local laws at all time to assure you are with and not against the goverment. If the country your resident in does not offer a legal base or form of sexwork you can consider moving for a while. We highlight the best clubs & escort agency's that provide on a legal basis.

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Please note that not all above listed countries do offer a legal form of sexwork. We will highlight these because there are doubts in regards of what is possible and what not. Also certain information published on our website could be outdated. If this is the case we will correct where needed. In most countries in Europe sexwork is legal. There are a few exceptions where it's semi legal, however the exploitation of a sex business would not be possible. Girls are pointed out to themself, contact bars and other forms of sexwork which is more like underground and not advised. Working legally yields you many benefits such as security, rights & pension in some countries.