How Do Escort Girls Get Paid?

How escort girls get paid - a summary

When girls are working, wether it'll be in a club, brothel, striptease bar or as a escort, it's common to have the client paid up front before any sexual services can start. This is also a guarantee that indeed a guarantee has bin made. Girls who work as escort always get clear instsructions to head inside the clients appartment or hotel, do a quick and brief introduction before a payment is made. Once done, a simple app or call is being made to the agency or driver to tell everything is OK. The timer at this point pretty much starts, depending on the amount of time a client booked. This is in between 1 to 3 hours on avg, but a nightly booking of over 12 hours is perfectly possible.

When you earn money, and you work in one of the countries your usually responsible for filing your own tax application. The amount of hours you work, the money you made and the days you where available. This all adds up and if your not familiar you can always hire a accountant or specialist which profession is tax and / or income declarations. Extra's is a service as well that is solely for you. If a client requests extra you can always decide your own terms and / or pricing for this. The money you make is fully for you and is'nt to be shared with anyone. Other then that we strongly advise you to save money where possible and stash this preferable onto a bank account.

By doing this you realise your efforts are'nt for nothing, and your actually building something up. It is a often made mistake that once girls who work as escort and start earning lots of money, you start living by this as well. We advice you to keep it simple and your spendings on a low. Girls who are vulnerable are sometimes subjected to alcohol and / or drugs. Again we advise not to engage and stay to your own meanings or limits. If you have toxic people around you, purely out for your money, it's best you move on. There are too many toxic people wanting everythign from sexworkers, keep your secret your and your team or people you talk to, small.

What Does The Average Salary of a Escort Girl Look Like?

Depending on the amount of hours or simply put bookings a escort girl might have on a daily basis, the average can vary in between € 250 and € 1500 a day or night. The reason is quite simple and a few key variables do come into play depending on the salary of the escort girl and how much she will be making. A good escort can make up to € 10.000 a month or even beyond. Working for an agency is often best practice because of the constant scheduling of work once you start the job. There are 2 models which are in effect in countries like Netherlands which is either Opting in or active as a Independent. Both have their advantages & disadvantages.

There are many normal escort agency's that provide a good salary, of up to € 70 an hour. Any extra's you make are completely for you and any additional hour yields you another 70 euro. Bookings of lets say 3 hours on average can bring you at least € 210 followed with any extra's that go from € 50 up to € 150. Can you find a job that yields you so much money in less then 3 hours as a good escort? We thought so. If you are interested please surf around on our website for jobs as escort. We provide a listing of the best escort service's, clubs & brothels all around Europe on a legal basis. Mind you that working can only be done in a official way.

Alternatively working as a independent might be another option too. You are responsible for your own bookings, agenda, marketing and / or advertising but also extra's such as good promotion of yourself. You might make more but the other end of the spectrum will yield you alot more extra work. If you are looking for a way to present yourself on the internet, we advise surfing to for more information. A website, good marketing and a overall good presentation can bring you the best clients needed when working as a independent sexworker in Europe or outside. Privacy is offered and you can be setup in days already with your independent escort working.